An innovative, connected set of protections and resources for physicians, residents, PAs, nurses, pharmacists, and their families.

Many medical professionals are struggling to find purpose and joy at home and in their workplaces.

Those on the frontlines of America’s healthcare system have survived medical school and residency, logged countless hours caring for patients, and navigated a global pandemic. Medical professionals are tough – but according to the American Medical Association, the overall burnout rate among physicians is at an all-time high of 63 percent. Burnout is also increasing for PAs, nurses, and many other clinicians in the U.S.

SafeHaven™ was founded in 2020 after recognizing a greater need to provide clinicians the support they need to stay well and prevent burnout.

SafeHaven’s unique and growing suite of services is specifically designed for and by medical professionals. Now, those caring for others can tap into support services that offer flexible hours and virtual options to accommodate their busy schedules. Best of all, these services can be leveraged by healthcare workers as well as their family members.

Burnout is no longer something clinicians have to suffer through alone – those participating in SafeHaven are identifying solutions, healing injuries, and rediscovering joy and purpose in their career.

We protect healthcare providers.

Certain states offer additional legal protections to providers who are enrolled in SafeHaven™:

Independence from traditional EAPs
Immunity from reporting unless a provider is a danger to themselves or others
Privileged communications that do not pose a risk to a clinician’s medical license

Visit safehavenhealth.org to see if your state offers advanced protections.

Don’t see your state? You can still use all the same SafeHaven™ resources – and in the meantime, send us a quick message to see how we can help get additional legal protections on the docket where you live.


In 2020 ASCO established the Oncology Clinician Well-Being Task Force, with the mission of improving the quality, safety, and value of cancer care by enhancing the well-being of oncology clinicians. As part of this effort, ASCO has aligned with VITAL WorkLife and the Medical Society of Virginia to offer our members greater support with SafeHaven™. 

We believe the clinician resources included in SafeHaven™ will be greatly valuable to you and your family – that’s why ASCO is subsidizing 80% of the annual program price for the first 1,000 members who enroll. We hope those who take advantage of this program notice an improvement in their overall well being, both at work and at home.


SafeHaven™ was founded in 2020 in collaboration with VITAL WorkLife, a national behavioral health consulting practice supporting well-being in the workplace. After recognizing a greater need to provide clinicians the support they need to stay well and prevent burnout, VITAL WorkLife’s expertise and Clinician Well-Being Resources formed the foundation of SafeHaven’s approach to fostering clinician well-being.


In 2020 the Medical Society of Virginia introduced new legislation to help physicians and PAs get the emotional support they needed. In response, on March 8, 2020, Governor Ralph Northam signed into effect HB115 and SB120, providing for the creation of the SafeHaven™ program. The program was later expanded to include nurses and pharmacists; as well as medical, nursing, PA, and pharmacy students.